Sheriff Gary Painter, K5GWP, Silent Key

K5GWP, N5OVH, KK5MV – Field Day 2006

Midland County Sheriff Gary W. Painter, K5GWP, ended his watch and became a silent key on May 26, 2019.   After graduating from High School, Gary joined the Marine Corp and served two tours of duty in Vietnam.  In 1985 he was elected Sheriff in Midland County and 34 years later was still serving the people of Midland County at the time of his passing.

N5RZ & K5GWP – Field Day 2011

Sheriff Painter was dedicated servant of the people of our country, county and community.  He earned and maintained his Technician Class License and was granted the Vanity Call Sign in 2015.  He was a good friend of the Midland Amateur Radio Club.  For years he would show up at our Field Day events in the middle of Saturday night, while patrolling the county, to allow us to document his visit as an elected official.  He also let us use the Sheriff Department’s modern tower trailer to elevate an antenna for 6 meters during the weekend exercise.  Gary was always courteous and cordial when you encountered him in those wee morning hours.

Gary carried that attitude towards people into every day.  You did not cross paths with him, but a few times, before he recognized you and always said “Hello”. 

Sheriff Gary Painter may the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep you in everlasting life.  

Our condolences to his family, loved ones and friends.