New Website Layout

A few weeks ago WordPress version 5.5 was released. I updated our website but in the process broke the dropdown menus. Apparently there are MANY WordPress websites that were broken by the latest release. WordPress released a plugin as a temporary fix to allow time for the theme developers to fix their themes.

We were using a theme by FlexiTheme. They have hundreds of themes that are all apparently broken. The developer has been silent on any fixes coming out. I suspect he has abandoned his theme developement.

So, I have switched to a new theme that doesn’t have the menu problem. Everything appears to be working but if you find something that isn’t please let me know.

73, Alan N5NA

Allied A-2515 Receiver – Taking Offers

The club recently received a donation of some old equipment. Among the items is an Allied A-2515 Receiver. The receiver is in pretty good shape however the band spread tuning dial cord appears to be broken. Also, there is no built in speaker.

If you’re interested in making an offer for this radio please send your offer to Steve, K5RS, at The current offer is at $100.

Below are a picture and video of the radio.

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