Sheriff Gary Painter, K5GWP, Silent Key

K5GWP, N5OVH, KK5MV – Field Day 2006

Midland County Sheriff Gary W. Painter, K5GWP, ended his watch and became a silent key on May 26, 2019.   After graduating from High School, Gary joined the Marine Corp and served two tours of duty in Vietnam.  In 1985 he was elected Sheriff in Midland County and 34 years later was still serving the people of Midland County at the time of his passing.

Thanks for a Successful 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Hamfest!

The 64th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Hamfest was a big success! We had a great turnout with lots of good deals, forums, and eyeball QSOs! Hope you didn’t miss it! Check out the hamfest photos in the gallery.

Meeting Highlights – February 11, 2019

At the general meeting held on February 11, officers for the 2019 – 2020 year were nominated and elected by proclamation. New officers are: President – David Overton, KF5WDJ; Vice-President – Dylan McPherson, KG5RKK; Secretary – Mitchell Martin, WA5ZAP; Treasurer – Steve Hopkins, K5RS; Directors – Bill Bentley, N5POB, George Robertson, KG5KUQ, and Roger Rose, W5LXS.

There was a discussion about acquiring an amplifier and tuner for the main station. The club currently owns an Elecraft KPA500 and KAT500 which are designated for the remote station. There is no time frame for the amp acquisition.

The upcoming hamfest was discussed. David Overton has five programs set up for Saturday morning. Hamfest registrations and table rentals are doing well. The need for volunteers was reviewed. All the prizes have been purchased.